TOP22 Unusual pillow designs

Occupy one-third of human sleep, the pillow to accompany our time is so long, a good pillow can bring a quality of sleep and happiness.

1. dlight Huggable Pillows

Innovative combination of ambient lighting and pillows: great conversation piece or sunshine alternative during those dark winter months.

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TOP16 Uniquely creative design umbrella

Rainy day umbrella that everyone should know, a unique umbrella design which may be in bad weather can bring your good mood with a variety of personal taste.

1. Samurai Sword Umbrella

Glide it out of its nylon sheath. Hold it by its space-age plastic handle. Feel the balance. This is the umbrella you never knew you always wanted. Really cool umbrella with the handle of a samurai sword.
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TOP20 Not the same as the crazy T-shirt

Not the same T shirt to show your unique personality and taste, From around the world to see the creative T-shirt.

1. Bikini T-Shirt

Sometimes a girl wants to show a little cleavage. Sometimes a girl has little or no cleavage to show. Problem solved: with this T-shirt for the T-challenged. Unique t-shirt design for the summer from Japan.

Six Pack Abs T-Shirt

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TOP10 Unique design of the toilet paper

Have you ever noticed that going to the toilet, although necessary, can be rather boring. Bring some life back to your bathroom with these On-A-Roll novelty toilet papers. Each comes with its own amusing design that will have you cracking up.

1. Money Toilet Paper

Please note that this is a roll of toilet paper rather than a roll of money.

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TOP12 most unusual tree house ideas

Do not know the first think of his house in the trees Who, have to say this is a cool idea. Look at them from around the world cool tree house.

1. Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

This unusual restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand was designed by Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlett from Pacific Environments Architects. The restaurant operated from December 2008 to February 2009 as part of a Yellow advertising campaign.

At the conclusion of the campaign, ownership of the Treehouse passed to the landowner.

The Treehouse seats 30 guests or can accommodate 50 guests standing for less formal gatherings.

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TOP8 Creative Design Trash

Trash is not only to help you clean the environment, the unique creative environment you can decorate.


Made from recycled polypropylene,the bin offers three separate receptacles to make recycling easier and more organized while taking it a stylish step up from those standard blue bins.
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TOP7 The most innovative new traffic lights

The busy pace of modern life tend to ignore some of the details around the following ideas from around the world of traffic lights.

1. Projected Traffic Light

Virtual Wall is an innovative device that makes it safer for pedestrians to cross the road by projecting laser images when the red traffic light is on.

Designed by Hanyoung Lee, the goal is to heighten driver and pedestrian awareness and to encourage both to follow the crosswalk rules.

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TOP8 The unique beauty of the refrigerator

Refrigerator is not just confined to the kitchen and housewives linked.

1. Stackable Refrigerator

The refrigerator consists of a base station and up to 4 stackable modules. Each module can be customized with various skins and different add-ons.

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When the item becomes transparent when

When the item becomes transparent, everything is so visible, crystal clear vision to bring you a different visual experience.

1. Transparent Chess Set

A Chess Set inspired by the novel ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ where the pieces magically turn transparent when they touch the board.
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TOP10 Unusual tissue box creative design

Small design also has big ideas, unique ideas to bring your tissue box a different feel.

1. Expression of the tissue box pain

Each time you reach for a tissue, it imitates your illness with one of five sneezing and coughing sounds.

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