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Top 9 World-famous handbags



The fifties of last century, French people say “piyafu” songs, “Sagan” novels and “Chanel perfume on the 5th,” French are the three most important export commodities. Now “piyafu” song became a nostalgic classic, Sagan and his novel is also translated into immortal legend, only the name of Chanel is still standing on the forefront of fashion, surging forward, generation after generation of young women dream of. No wonder that for many people, Chanel has become a synonym for the French.

Founder –  Gabrielle Chane  1913

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2009 TOP 10 Watches

1. Breguet


Breguet every table has a proprietary independent code to prove that the table Carpenter for their time and effort.It was called the “Table Wang” or are the father of modern watchmaking! I do not need to say.

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2009 Top 10 sports car

1. Porsche911


Powerful driving force to bring you a new feeling!

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