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Top 8 European Castle

1. Ammersoyen Castle

Built: Around 1350
Location: Netherlands

The Ammersoyen castle is located near the Mass River in the Netherlands.  The castle was  originally built somewhere around 1350 by the Van Herlaer family and has changed ownership many  times. The castle is rectangular shaped and features towers in each of the four corners.  The  castle also is also surrounded by a moat to help fend off sieges.



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2009 TOP 10 Lighters

1. Givenchy


Founded in the mid-20th century Givenchy (GIVENCHY) are one of the most people can show the brand personality and temperament. Fashion, the Givenchy for perfection and the “Simple elegance” pursuit, has been impressive. Givenchy conveyed the message to the world – elegant and noble and pleasant. As Givenchy (GIVENCHY) grade of the continuous extension of the introduction of lighter has become an alternative concept of elegance. 4 “G” letter combination deformation, so that it will become synonymous with elegant taste.
Givenchy has a lighter and pen, will allow you at any occasion are inadvertently showing a refined bearing and a pair of good noble beauty.

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2009 world’s top 10 restaurants

1. FlowerDrum


The restaurant’s appearance and inconspicuous. However, before you sit down to taste the restaurant’s Chinese cuisine, the UK may be able to meet Prince Andrew and his entourage at this meal.

Lot of people might question the restaurant’s shrimp dumplings – the size of plum shrimp dumplings authentic Chinese dim sum does not meet practice. However, all taste-off people will enjoy the restaurant’s innovative tastes. Food critics agree that this is the restaurant most of the prize together with dim sum.

Magnificent style shows distinguished customer identity, and the selection of dishes insisted Australia’s most superior raw materials.

Sichuan chili prawns wrapped head full, succulent meat; Australia’s best beef memorable people; King Island’s soft-shell crab is the most customer favorite restaurant dish.

In contrast, relatively introverted Huagu desserts: simple and delicious pizza doused with sweet mango juice, with fresh mango, simple and refreshing.

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