2009 world’s top 10 restaurants

1. FlowerDrum


The restaurant’s appearance and inconspicuous. However, before you sit down to taste the restaurant’s Chinese cuisine, the UK may be able to meet Prince Andrew and his entourage at this meal.

Lot of people might question the restaurant’s shrimp dumplings – the size of plum shrimp dumplings authentic Chinese dim sum does not meet practice. However, all taste-off people will enjoy the restaurant’s innovative tastes. Food critics agree that this is the restaurant most of the prize together with dim sum.

Magnificent style shows distinguished customer identity, and the selection of dishes insisted Australia’s most superior raw materials.

Sichuan chili prawns wrapped head full, succulent meat; Australia’s best beef memorable people; King Island’s soft-shell crab is the most customer favorite restaurant dish.

In contrast, relatively introverted Huagu desserts: simple and delicious pizza doused with sweet mango juice, with fresh mango, simple and refreshing.

2. Buil-laumeatBennelong


Famous chef Guillaume Brahimi (BuillaumeBrahimi) established by Guillaume Bennelong Restaurant is located next to the Sydney Opera House. The number of awards won over the restaurant is not only the home of Guillaume, the city of Sydney is also the most popular restaurants. If you put the crescent is not only a modern building regarded as a masterpiece of post-modernism, or to enter the theater before the transfer station, then you are wrong – some even gave up eating Ballet premiere VIP , but for many at the restaurant to sit a while.

For enjoy seafood Taotie Australian people, the Guillaume restaurant is definitely a gourmet’s paradise: fresh Italian QLD wide noodle with scallop, coupled with Morton on the GulfBlueOcean roasted insects and broth, it is undeniable picky. Restaurant desserts also have features: Spicy Health Melaleuca crisp pear butter to taste wonderful person; add milk oscillator, apricot and strawberry Ren, sweet flavor. Guillaume restaurant dishes typical of the new Australian-style, combines the characteristics of the Mediterranean and the South Pacific. It is no wonder that Australia’s first-line stars, politicians and models have to pour.

3. LeManoirAuxQuat’Saisons


The world’s top chefs Raymond Blanc (RaymondBlanc) and should not be regarded as star cooking sector. 20 years, the extraordinary charm of French people in Oxford County has always been built in the 15th century that the new Four Seasons Farm busy restaurant kitchen job. Today, Four Seasons Farm Restaurant Orient Express has been incorporated into the ranks of the hotel characteristics.

Four Seasons Farm Restaurant is located in the great garden of flowers in full bloom, the restaurant part of the selected raw materials from the estate covers an area of more than 80 acres of garden vegetables. Blanc will produce traditional English and contemporary French sold the perfect combination of culinary art, forming a unique style restaurant. New generation of chefs with different cooking Blanc insist the most authentic French cuisine. This is also the biggest one of the characteristics of the restaurant. Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beck-ham), Richard Branson (Richard Branson) and Cliff Richard (Cliff Richard) and other celebrities are regulars here, but it is more of Princess Diana Restaurant customers are loyal.

7 dishes from the menu, including foie gras, duck and spicy pickled cherries, etc.. Wonton restaurant very special: with quail eggs, spinach, mushrooms and cream of鲜香chicken fillings made and delicious. Sole superior sand and delicious mix of crab meat, with格乌兹Tamin that special sauces, people stop. Blank original mint and mango soup and pistachio ice cream with chocolate candy is the most unique restaurants on behalf of the dessert. Fresh food together with the fresh air – to create a place like a romantic dream feeling.

4. Arzak


Assaker byske Restaurant is located in Spain’s coastal town of San Sebastian, the family manor look very ordinary, usually been ignored. However, for this well-known example of modern Spanish restaurant, but that is just a clever disguise. 30 years ago, the restaurant’s owner Juan Mari Arzak and his black daughter Elena Restaurant led the entire team gained a lot of honor, and constantly give people around the world Taotie surprises. Restaurant is situated in a 19th century village 90’s architecture, the inward-looking low-key style show of traditional European elegance temperament, however, to provide customers with Assaker is the most modern cuisine.

Assaker open the menu, you must constantly surprises. Mutton chop up fresh coffee foam covered with gold, like wrapped in a layer of tulle, and the sauce tasty match. The Basque specialty fish tail wind like big stars of the silver teardrop, outside wrapped with transparent mysterious “cloak”, a unique taste.

Assaker Restaurant desserts are usually a surprise: Somalia specialty nuts squeezed from the frozen juice, iced with the dairy drinks, are the most popular summer dessert. Rural Hamburger cheese ice cream or chocolate will not let you down. In Spain, EI Bulli restaurant chefs Gurion Felia Ada (Adrian Frerria) as Spain’s Prince of contemporary cuisine, and Assaker contemporary cuisine is called the king of Spain.

5. LouisXV


By Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV restaurant set up the world’s top restaurants have all the necessary elements: the non-wind charm, elegance and pure Gallic temperament style. European aristocracy, social celebrities, and French movie stars are regular patrons, they seemed to Louis XV in Monaco for a special liking for food. Go when restaurants must be dressed up to attend. Otherwise, your light will be the restaurant’s decoration to cover up: elegant murals, luxurious crystal chandeliers, the details of every design embodies the restaurant owner thought.

Louis XV’s menu but do not exaggerate distinguished. Provence unique taste and flavor of the village into one of perfection, with homeland Ducas specialty vegetables, aromatic overflowing, a mouth-watering. Restaurant insist the choice of the northern prairie Limousin veal, or the Pyrenees small lamb, pure French style so much customers unforgettable. Ducas will also develop their own innovations on the bread. However, after six dishes eaten, your stomach may be no space. Although the price of each meal as much as ¥ 335dollar, however, The End, you will find good value for money.

6. GodonRamSey


Cooking at GodonRamSey sector, bad boys Ramsey (Ramsey) of exquisite cuisine and his irascible temper as well. Recently, Ramsey held a cooking show, and once again mad at him, making rigorous weekdays in the United Kingdom before the members of Parliament in public tears. GodonRamsey him are to open its first restaurant, restaurants on the occult at the Royal Street, the residents of the district hospital. Enjoy a warm atmosphere for diners, there is no doubt is a good place.

Small restaurant, but restaurants are similar in one the most outstanding. GodonRamsey restaurant signature dishes include cabbage cream eccentric shape with bitter cocoa butter and jellyfish shrimp dumplings. By Levin, composed of seven heavyweight menu also includes a unique fish – a soft taste of the fish on chopped vegetables, mix to flavor the sauce. In addition, the restaurant also specifically for the attention of customers ready weight a dish composed of five menu.

Restaurant prices will naturally not cheap, after all, are here in London. But if we can have opportunities and theater, fashion and media circles dine with the stars, who can resist such a temptation. GodonRamsey desserts are quite good, but the restaurant’s cheese had to mention – the restaurant displays a different 40 kinds of cheese, each cheese alongside a detailed explanation of the experts.

7. NobuLondon


Ten years ago, long-song Nobuyuki (Nobu Matsuhisa), with its original Japanese cuisine in the culinary profession famous. In the meantime, the restaurant has moved from London to Los Angeles to expand. Famous movie stars Robert De Niro (Robert RNro) restaurant Nobu in Los Angeles when the restaurant was full of praise for the dish, and this restaurant has become the first major breakthrough in development. Now, De Niro and the New York restaurant owners have become loose DewNeporent Nobuyuki long business partners. Nobuyuki song a long time to draw the essence of traditional Japanese cuisine, and in the new century into one of the exquisite cuisine art, formed a Nobu restaurant-style perfection. So far from the restaurant was founded, black cod with Japanese Soy Flour Paste the practice has been so much crazy about food critic.

Of course, the classic menu of Japanese cuisine are the main characters: shrimp tempura roll, seasonal and beef, as well as scheduled at noon eating lunch supplied, are the restaurant’s signature dishes. The yellow tail sashimi plus pepper Mexico is a chef for innovation. Nobu restaurant dessert to break the traditional production process, it can not but carry on. Sweet hot chocolate pastries wrapped in fresh green tea ice cream; the size of golf outside donut wrapped chocolate and pistachio, with almond ice cream, a taste, lip Liuxiang teeth. Norbu restaurant using artistic modus operandi will be the East-West fusion of different tastes perfection, so that customers can bring a refreshing new dining experience.

8. L’ateLierDe JoelRobuchon

L’ateLierDe JoelRobuchon

In 1996, the chefs Choluteca Jacobsson (Joel Robu-chon) announced his retirement, but I did not trust him people’s decision. Sure enough, in 2003, Joel Robu-chon) in Paris opened a new restaurant. His comeback did not allow people to be surprised. The restaurant broke the formal dining upscale restaurant model, completely abandoned the traditional meal reserved artificial way of creating a comfortable dining atmosphere. Health and good service will take the initiative to communicate with customers, Choluteca Jacobsson will be in a restaurant meal with a variety of chat in order to know whether the dishes in line with customer requirements. Restaurant specialties are fried silver cod, and grill on hot grilled dishes are original features of the Master to make – he often go Spain tourist resort, and learn from local food innovation inspiration.

9. EIBuⅢRose


Assaker, the Spanish food into the new century, and with the chefs of Spain’s Aida Felia Gurion (AtrianFrerria) became the world’s food heroes.

Felia very original spirit. It is not a professional chef, but without solid foundation of the laboratory researchers. Spain by his original modern cuisine is almost impossible to use language to describe characteristics Restaurant corn tortillas, a small pie and potato mission are world-renowned taste of Spain.

EIBu Ⅲ Restaurant is located in “steep coast” (CbstaBrava). Restaurant owner Felia is there to create a “bubble” of food – will be labeled as a variety of flavor and delicious taste of the bubble. Restaurant dishes bring customers an incredible taste experience: gras broth plus delicious fragrant tamarind Reinforced with fried Spain – A martini glass for the container, the top layer of potatoes covered with foam.

Apart from the innovative cuisine of Spain, the customers can also enjoy the classic Spanish dishes. The restaurant’s dessert more people are constantly surprises. A variety of desserts, including ice cream cones and the United States, possession of red roses, such as balls and mint jelly coveted people formed a large platter. Last year in May, Felia and An-marui. Assaker are in Madrid for the Spanish royal wedding Foods are prepared and received wide acclaim.

10. French Laundry Yountville

French Laundry Yountville

Restaurant is located in the famous wine town of Napa Valley, is the world’s one of the best restaurants.

Tomas Keller owner of the restaurant is very good, and his unique French attract many customers. Whether in Hollywood or Hong Kong restaurants have a loyal customer, so, only 17 of the table is always packed. Few people can resist the Restaurant menu dishes 9 temptation, this unique menu including imported instant of boiled lobster and juicy taste, such as a small piece of mutton. If you think too much of this menu, you can select dishes, composed of five packages.

Light and delicious tuna salad Nice, rich flavor of lobster, Tomas Keller shown at classic French cuisine in minimalist style – This is the biggest feature of the restaurant. Of course, the vegetarian same can be found here fit their own food – vegetables 9 packages are not meat, taste can be assured. Dessert restaurant seems to have gone beyond the level of metropolitan France. Chocolate cream in particular is simply to stop people, so, we must pay attention to his health problems.


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