Top 8 European Castle

1. Ammersoyen Castle

Built: Around 1350
Location: Netherlands

The Ammersoyen castle is located near the Mass River in the Netherlands.  The castle was  originally built somewhere around 1350 by the Van Herlaer family and has changed ownership many  times. The castle is rectangular shaped and features towers in each of the four corners.  The  castle also is also surrounded by a moat to help fend off sieges.



2. Boechout Castle

Built: 1100’s
Location: Meise, Belgium

The Boechout Castle, located just nort of Brussels was originally built in the 1100’s.  The oldest piece of the castle that remains is from the 1300s.  The castle has since been rebuilt numerous times and houses a few small art exhibitions.  The castle is now mainly used for  gatherings and conferences.
Boechout Castle is situated in the National Botanic Garden. To enter this garden you have to pay a small fee. The castle itself is now used for conferences and such. You can freely visit two rooms on the ground floor which are used for small art exhibitions.

It’s a nice castle in pleasant surroundings. Too bad you can’t climb to the top of the towers.



3. Heidenreichstein Castle

Location: Village of Heidenreichstein, Lower Austria, Austria

Heidenreichstein is an amazing water castle situated in Heidenreichstein, Austria.  The castle itself has two separate draw bridges and a giant square keep. There are a few towers that are
still fully intact.  Because of the way the castle is laid out the castle was never over taken and has never been destroyed.  The castle now houses a museum that you can visit to learn more about the castle.

he castle is first mentioned in 1200 in connection with an Otto von Heidenreichstein. The keep probably dates back to 1190 and most of the other buildings to the 15th and 16th century.



4. Hamm Castle

Built: 1052
Location Bitburg, Germany

Hamm Castle was first built in 1052, when it owned by the Counts of Vianden. At the time the Counts of Vianden were the protectors of the Abbey of Prüm. The Prüm stream flows around the castle which is situated on a large ridge.  The castle is still inhabited by it’s owners, but they do offer a holiday suite if you want to head to Bitburg Germany for a vacation.

Between 1885 and 1896 the castle was restored and the castle walls were again crenellated. In 1945 the German SS set fire to the castle which caused severe damage. The castle was rebuilt in the 1960’s and received final restoration in 1998.



5. Auzers Castle

Built: 1470
Location: Village of Auzers, France

The castle has been inhabited by the same family since the 15th century. You will be welcomed into a lovely residence where you can visit the drawing rooms and view the Regency furniture, a vaulted room with Auvergnat furniture, monumental fireplaces, a 16th century oratory and polychrome murals, numerous portraits and interesting furniture from the Empire period presented by Napoleon to Jean-Louis d’Auzers.

The castle was built between 1470 and 1510 and is very characteristic of the architecture of the Haute Auvergne. It has kept to this day all the attributes of a fortress: tower, rampart-walk and lookout turrets.



6.Alcazar of Segovia

Built: 1075
Location: Segovia Spain

The Alcazar is more than just a castle, it is a palace.  The castle is located within the walled  city of Segovia in Spain.  Many Spanish kings of lived in this castle due to its amazingly beautiful exterior.  In 1862 this beautiful castle fell victim to a devastating fire however it was promptly rebuilt in 1882 using sketches of the original interior.   Even though the castle’s interior is only a few hundred years old, the exterior is still original and what you do see on the interior is close to the original state.

In 1862 however the Alcazar was devastated by fire. In 1882, it was rebuilt using old sketches of the interior before the fire. So all we see inside today is a 19th century remake. After completion the Alcazar firstly became the Military Archives and later an Artillery Academy and Museum. In the mid-20th century this use also ended and the Alcazar is now used for cultural activities and as a museum. It’s state-owned.



7. Loule Castle

Location: Loule, Portugal

Loule Castle is a very medieval looking castle with classic architecture you’d probably see in movies such as Lord of the Rings.  An Earthquake devastated the building in 1755 causing substantial damage however all damage was restored in the 20th century.  Currently, the three remaining towers can be visited for free during daytime hours.  Although you can see the towers for free, the rooms attached to the towers are off limits.

So, even if there may be not much left of the actual castle, I found the remaining towers quite nice to visit. Also the town of Loul� is a nice town and there are several remains of the city walls, and parts of its towers, to be seen around the town.



8. Ansembourg Castle

Built: 1100’s
Location: Valley of the Eisch Stream, Luxembourg

The Ansembourg castle, known locally as Alt-Ansembourg is located in the Valley of the Eisch stream.  This area also goes by the Valley of the Seven Castles and features six other castles. These castles include Mersch, New Ansembourg, Schoenfels, Koerich, Septfontaines and Hollenfels.  This castle is constructed around 200 feet above the valley floor on a rocky spur. In the 1500s the castle was renovated, where the keep was torn down and the gate tower fo the bailey was built. The castle is not available to be visited as it is private property.

I think this is a very nice castle in a quiet setting. It can not be visited because it is private property, as are the lands that surround it and the roads leading to it. Please respect the owners privacy; visits might be granted by sending a letter to the owner.




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