Top 5 World mysteries

Pyramid mystery

Pyramid mystery

Miraculous properties: Pyramid has a special property to deflect any type of cosmic radiations that falls on its apex downwards through its base line at the bottom where this deflected cosmic radiation, with the help of magnetic field of Earth’s Gravitatio

The heritage of Pyramids, which are attracting people as wonderful things happen in and around them. Investigators have discovered the Pyramid shapes conjures the object and change natural laws, bringing sensational and unexplainable happenings.

The great Pyramids of Egypt known since five thousand years are one of the seventh wonders of the world. The study of Pyramids can be regarded as a “multi-disciplinary marvel.” In other words a Pyramid could have be studied from several angles, namely Sci

Until today Pyramid was known as a place of interest, but now it is realized, that Pyramid has multi – dimensional use. The construction of Pyramid is the unique feature. The Pyramids of Gizha are situated in 13 acres, 26 lack cubes has been used to constr

Also support the pyramid can be an effective theory of wound healing:

Although no guarantees can be given that a pyramid can heal anyone, it does seem to have helped many people throughout the ages. It is also known to keep food fresh longer, energise water – seems to mummify food/water to keep them fresh. It also can prolong the life of new razor blades – the pyramid seems to remove the fine particulars of water that is left on the blades after shaving to keep them sharper longer. We have also found that ailing plants often to come to life, while cats and dogs love to sit and sleep in pyramids. In ancient times sick people would often sleep overnight in pyramids as part of their healing process.

Loch Ness Monster

 Loch Ness Monster

Until April 1934, Dr Wilson, London, via Loch Ness, monsters just found swimming in the lake. Wilson quickly captured by the camera monsters pictures not very clear, but it clearly shows that the monsters of the features: a long neck and a small flat head, looks nothing like any of the aquatic animals, and the like as early as the extinction of more than 7000 years ago the great reptiles Plesiosaurs date.

Plesiosaurs, those living in more than 100 million years ago to more than 7000 years ago a huge aquatic reptiles, but also distant relatives of dinosaurs. It has a slender neck, oval-shaped body and long tail, longmouth to fish for food, is the King of the Mesozoic sea. If Nessie is really a snake, then it is extremely rare surviving prehistoric animals, this discovery will play an important role on zoology.

April 1960 Second on the 3rd, the British aviation engineer shot in Loch Ness over fifty feet of film, video, although more crude, but can still be clearly shown in a black giant long-necked form of biological swim across Loch Ness. Some of the original of this negative attitude of scientists, read the video after the change of views. Royal Air Force Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Center analysis of the film, the conclusion is “something that is probably the biological.”

So why do people still do not capture monsters?

This is from Nice, about the special geological structure. Nice lakes that contain a large number of peat, which makes the water very turbid water can be less than the bottom three,And bottom topography, such as the labyrinth is full of twists and turns of the deep gully. Even the great body of aquatic animals can easily quiet the meantime, to avoid electronic surveillance equipment. Variety of fish the lake, monsters do not have to go out foraging, and the lake connected with the sea, monsters out of convenience, therefore, want to capture monsters, easier said than done.



The United States famous Roswell UFO incident is still a classic case!

Defense Intelligence Agency within the United States a secret Pentagon intelligence agencies, which the United States armed forces responsible for coordinating the intelligence activities. Defense Intelligence Agency, not only for the Pentagon, but also worked for the CIA. The end of the 70s, the United States of UFO research organizations – “citizens oppose the UFO cover up the truth,” given in accordance with the Defense Intelligence Agency, “the law on freedom of information,” submitted to apply for access to files. They want from the Defense Intelligence Agency, where it has been incident on the UFO files. At first, like other U.S. government agencies, the Defense Intelligence Agency study of it with the UFO denied any relationship. Finally, however, it had to open the 3 high-profile UFO files.

3 that were first of all, the Defense Intelligence Agency’s secret files made public the contents of a typical American movie based on Steven Spielberg. One of these three files involving 19 September, 1976 Iranian Air Force found that the situation of UFO reports.

The files listed at the beginning of its long list of U.S. government and military agencies of the list of people it is not difficult to see that occurred in Iran this UFO incident, the U.S. government has led to a high degree of leadership at the highest level of concern .

Crystal skull

In 1924, a British archaeologist, 17-year-old daughter anna michel-Hedges
In British Honduras (now Belize) Maya cities Maktoum Lubanga found this crystal skull.

At least it’s history in 3600, is a piece of crystal produced by the,It is found that the most sophisticated to date, and the only – one of the activities of the jaw bone can be crystal skull.

According to people today understand the crystal structure, this head simply can not exist: it’s to create a violation of the natural properties of crystal. Even using the most modern manufacturing techniques are also not such a crystal skull, because there will be processing more than 1000 pieces of crystal of small debris.70 In the early 20th century, Hewlett-Packard found in repeated studies, it is going to be a crystal skull of 300-800 years of grinding non-stop to reach accurate and smooth now.So far, it has found a crystal skull 21.

Scientists estimate that before crystal skull may have been used as ritual supplies. And observers have repeatedly said they have seen in the crystal skull of the ritual scene. Of the Mayan legend of 13 also discussed the same crystal skull. If you put them together, they will be able to speak, to sing.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

For thousands of years, on the “sky gardens” There is a beautiful legend. New Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II (Nebuchadnezzar II, reign 605 BC – 562 BC) married the princess m m ladder at the end of Sri Lanka for the queen. Keren beautiful princess, won the King’s favor.

Princess subsequently miss their home, so, Nebuchadnezzar II, in accordance with the meter at the end of the craftsmen of the mountain scenery, in his palace, built layer upon layer of ladder-type garden, full of the plants above, and in the garden in the quiet of the mountain opened up that road is a small gurgling water. Central Garden craftsmen still build a tower, standing in the air. The beautiful scenery of the garden has finally won the favor of Princess Margaret.

As the garden is even higher than the wall, people feel like flying in the air throughout the Imperial Garden, it was known as “sky gardens”, also known as “hanging Court.”City of Babylon was to worship, do business or travel all the way people can see the sky tower on the roof of the gold shine in the sun.

Halicarnassus mausoleum

Halicarnassus mausoleum

Construction time: about 353 years BC
Construction Location: south-west region of Turkey now

Tomb is divided into four to six bands based Ditan to Greece brought the construction of white marble, at the bottom of rectangular area is 40 meters (120 feet) by 30 meters (100 feet), high 45 meters (140 feet), which building was 20 meters high wall surrounded the pier blocks, placed around the soldiers riding in the back of the statue, the top of pier blocks, with a 36 to 12 meters high oni love the construction of gold-style white marble columns, in the cylindrical with the cylinder, the male god and goddess of the legislation as decoration, the top of the cylinder, placed round Taiwan; the top is extremely tilted pyramid of seven meters high, with gold-plated bronze top team of four horses decorated chariot 2; while standing inside a mausoleum King George and Queen Mao marble statue.

Ancient writers often say that Halicarnassus Mausoleum, like white clouds hanging over the city.Halicarnassus Mausoleum and the Temple of Artemis on a different, although the construction of the calendar made up more than in 1500, still stands proudly alive.

Until the beginning of the 15th century, the Crusaders that Su-Adams is an important strategic position, decided to build the great fortress of St. Peter’s, and the construction of fortifications is the material of the stone tomb; they will be embedded in all the tombs inside and outside the fortress wall decoration with almost the entire tomb without leaving any traces.

In 1859, the British archaeologist Charles. Sir Isaac Newton’s famous hair started to explore the tomb of King George and the lions surviving statues, and portraits of cylindrical debris deposited in the United Kingdom the British Museum in London in particular indoor.

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