2009 top 10 Creative camping Tent

1. Piilo Indoor Tent

The new house, hidden space

Piilo Indoor Tent

2. Treetent

up off the ground, there’s a nine-foot-diameter hardwood floor and groovy round mattress inside.What to see this you think?

3. Dress Tents

Great skirt? Created by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao, the Dress Tent art project consists of wearable architecture and large-scale color photographs that merge the dress tent sculpture with its companion landscape constructing a fashion of place.

Dress Tents

Dress Tents

4. Decathlon 2 Second Tent

It only takes 2 seconds to setup this tent. The magic tent! How? Just remove the plastic strap and throw it in the air.

Decathlon 2 Second Tent

5. Car? Tent?

Unusual car tent designed to look like a car cover, so you can go camping in the city without being disturbed. To be parked in spaces where?

Car? Tent?

6. Star Gazer Tent

The Star Gazer tent features unique skylines in the sleeping area to give you that feeling of sleeping under the stars but with the added protection of the tent. Dedicated amateur astronomers?

Star Gazer Tent

7. Cirrus 40 Tent

The front of the Cirrus 40™ opens to create a wide entrance, making it an ideal exhibition or trade-stand tent. The back of the tent can also be rolled up to create a 1.8m high x 4m wide opening.
Cirrus 40 Tent

8. Home? Tent?

Give your home the feeling of wilderness camping tent

Home? Tent?

9. Exclusive Tents and Island Living

With tents up to 2000 square feet in size and furnished with luxury furniture and amenities Exlusive Tents is redefining what it means to have a camping experience

Exclusive Tents and Island Living

10. Big tent

A huge tent, which are fountains of Arab style tent

Big tent

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