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TOP10 Unusual and Creative Doors

Collection of modern doors and creative door designs that will spice up your home and surprise your guests.

1. Futuristic Door

Maxdoor front door by Nódesign requires remote control instead of a key and comes with an LED display that shows apartment numbers directly on the door.

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TOP12 Bathroom Sinks and Creative Sink Designs

1. Stone Forest Pedestal Sinks

Beautiful sinks from Stone Forest are hand carved granite sculptures which combine the simplicity of Japanese style with contemporary design.

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TOP10 Ten extraordinary creativity of modern light

1. Calgao Hangman Lamp

Creative hangman inspired table lamp by enPieza! design studio.Looks a bit creepy!

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TOP10 Creative and Unique Curtains

1. Rye Straw Curtain

Tri-Part Screen is made from panels of laminated rye straw in resin and acrylic.

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TOP10 Unforgettable Advertisements

Why should ads be boring? Check out this collection of unforgettable advertisements from around the world.

1. Nike Building Advertisement

Giant ball stuck on the side of a building promotes the World Cup.

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TOP10 Unusual and Creative Aquariums

1. Local River Plant Aquarium

Beautiful aquarium by Mathieu Lehanneur breeds freshwater fish and vegetables. The vegetables strip minerals and nitrates from the water, effectively purifying it for the development of the fish.

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TOP16Most Innovative Balloon

1. Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon

Belgian Star Wars fan Benoît Lambert created this Darth Vader-shaped Hot Air balloon.

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