TOP10 Unusual and innovative modern teapot

A teapot with a creative to bring home to give your taste and pleasure.

1. Terrorist Teapot

This unique tea set includes the teapot and the balaclava tea cosy.

2. Zygo Teapot

Delicate yet sturdy ceramic frame of this teapot embraces the stainless steel sphere in an engaging juxtaposition of form, surface, and material.

3. Sorapot Teapot

Beautiful teapot designed by Joey Roth. Sorapot’s architectural shape and simple functionality bring tea’s quiet beauty into sharp focus.

4. Cigno Teapot

Creative teapot by Adam Hammerman that is shaped like a bird.Cigno is a form development based around the structure of a teapot. It’s an organically inspired shape, meant to be tactile in every sense.

5. Turtle Tea Kettle

Made from ceramic, this kettle features a side window that lets you check the water levels. The handle and timer cap is made out of a heat resistant phenolic plastic, making them easy to handle when hot.

6. Peugeot Kettle

Sleek electric kettle designed by Dmitry Gontarev, a first year Transport and Product Design student at Coventry University.

7. VERA Electric Kettle

Electric kettle VERA by Casa Bugatti complements your relaxation time with elegance and technical innovation.

8. Spin Kettle

Based on the idea of keeping a stable center of gravity, the user pours, not by tipping the kettle, but by sliding a switch to activate a mechanism that tips the spout forward to pour, creating a delightful motion.

9. Lazy Teapot

relieving you of that cumbersome and backbreaking chore of actually picking up a teapot and pouring its hot water into a cup.

10. ONE Kettle

This modern kettle is designed to both boil and serve, enabling a simpler, more direct user experience. Decorative patterns are applied with thermochromic ink, which become visible as the water boils.

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