Beautiful and Creative Sand Sculptures

Collection of beautiful and unique sand sculptures created by talented artists from all over the world.

1. Under Pressure Sand Sculpture

Created by Bert Adams at Sand in the City in Port Aransas, Texas.









2. Cry for Help Sand Sculpture

Found in Vijfhuizen, Netherlands, at the exposition of sand sculptures.

3. Star Wars Sand Sculpture

4. Disney Sand Sculpture

In Noordwijk findet vom 13.07. bis zum 10.08.2008 die Europäische Sand-Skulpturen Meisterschaft statt. 8 professionelle Teams haben die Aufgabe, besondere Skulpturen zum Thema “In Celebration of Disney” zu erstellen.

5. Ferrari Sand Sculpture

6. What Lies Beneath Sand Sculpture

Gold Medal World Championship, People’s Choice Medal, and Sculptors’ Choice Medal sand sculpture “What Lies Beneath” by Carl Jara.

7. Bulldog Sand Sculpture

Cool sand sculpture by Susanne Ruseler, Quebec, Canada, 2008.

8. Easter Sunday Sand Sculpture

9. Tires Sand Sculpture

Photo’s taken from sand sculptures in Noordwijk aan Zee, North Holland, The Netherlands.

10. IPod Sand Sculpture

11. Smart Car Sand Sculpture

Unique creation by the three-time sand sculpture world champion Pavel Zadanyuk.

12. Penguin Sand Sculpture

13. Upside Down Sand Sculpture

Beautiful sculpture from the Magic Sand festival in Jurmala, Latvia.

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