TOP14 Not the same sofa design

Maybe not the same sofa designed to give you a different visual experience and learn another way to look at things.

1. Scrubbing Brush Sofa

Is it a sofa or a scrubbing brush turned upside down? It indeed looks like a giant brush adorned with thick bristles, but each of these comfortable bristle is designed to give you a relaxing massage.

2. The Flying Carpet Sofa

“East meets West” sofa by Tonio de Roover, looks like a flying carpet that wants to rise from earth. It is reminiscent of the ‘tales of a thousand and One Nights’, thus heralding a connection with non-Western cultures.

3. Infinity Shaped Sofa

This beautiful sofa design, inspired by the infinity symbol [or the number 8], was created by a really talented french designer.

4. Stuffed Animals Sofa

This may be the kids favorite sofa, one of the times to help us find our sense of innocence.

5. Steel Sofa

special steel sofa by the English steel artist Ron Arad. A horizontally divided and then deformed truncated cone serves as the base of seat and back.

6. Wall-Climbing Sofa

Lila Jang’s Wall-Climbing Sofa is perfect for that odd corner of the house where no other furniture fits.

7. Modern Sofa

Two heat-formed planks and minimal fasteners are the basis of this clean, modern design.

8. Mountain Range Sofa

So much the premise of a sofa might be your living room large enough to have it.

9. Nido Sofa

The Nido Sofa is extremely striking. This modern piece of furniture has a metal structure and is covered completely in expanded polyurethane.

10. Twisted Sofa

Creative sofa design from Nina Edwards that is sure to be the focal point of any room it graces.

11. Aston Martin DB6 Sofa

The Aston Martin DB6 sofa was produced between 1965 and 1970, Old sofa.

12. Nubola Sofa

Comfortable and soft sofa, titled “Nubola”. Individuals feel like a lazy cat curled up in there.

13. Swimming Pool Sofa

Concept sofa design from advertisement campaign for Piscine Castiglione, a swimming pool design firm. Perhaps this is the most cool sofa.

14. Velvet Sofa

Beautiful sofa designed by creative designers Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro.

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