When the item becomes transparent when

When the item becomes transparent, everything is so visible, crystal clear vision to bring you a different visual experience.

1. Transparent Chess Set

A Chess Set inspired by the novel ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ where the pieces magically turn transparent when they touch the board.

2. Transparent Concrete

Translucent concrete blocks – the future of architecture? They are strong enough it?

3. Transparent Bath

The transparent bath displays the number of drinkable water bottles you are using when taking a bath. May be a new method of saving water?

4. Transparent Toaster

This idea is based on a transparent heating glass technology.

5. Transparent Iron

The transparent B-IRON 725 iron allows you to see the clothes that you are ironing. The soleplate is made out of tempered glass and heat conduction works via a network of electro-thermal wires. What do you guys think? Is glass feasible?

6. Transparent Canoe

This hard shell transparent canoe provides 100% visability. It weighs only 40 lbs., and is lighter than most aluminum or wood canoes.

7. Transparent iPod Case

Get this iVue Crystal case, it is a transparent casing for your iPod, replace your iPod the entire front of your iPod.

8. Transparent Xbox 360

Swap that eyesore Xbox 360 white case for a Clear Ghost Case. This is the only case in the world that comes with a clear DVD drive lid, which actually lets you see the DVD game disc spinning while you play.

9. Transparent Refrigerator and Clothes Dryer

Transparent household electronics from Japan. The dryer uses natural dry air instead of loads of energy to do its job, and the fridge has a special “low waist line” to facilitate the transport of heavy items.

10. Transparent Nikon D80

Transparent model of Nikon D80 DSLR displayed at Photokina 2006.

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