TOP8 The unique beauty of the refrigerator

Refrigerator is not just confined to the kitchen and housewives linked.

1. Stackable Refrigerator

The refrigerator consists of a base station and up to 4 stackable modules. Each module can be customized with various skins and different add-ons.

2. USB Mini Fridge

USB powered refrigerator will cool your beverage on your desk.

3. Egg Refrigerator

Google branded egg shaped fridge promotes cooler thinking. Google plans to expand into the small appliance markets?

4.Touch smart refrigerator

Designed exclusively for Korean market by Italian jewelry designer, Massimo Zucchi, the new Samsung Zipel e-diary refrigerator has a 10″ touchscreen display and WiFi software, enabling consumers to check the latest news, weather forecast and download their favourite electronic albums.

5. Soft refrigerator

The size is optimized according to the cubage of things inside in order to save energy. The heat-insulating membrane coat and slide fastener door is stretchy to fit the size-changing.

6. Outdoor Party Fridge

The Mini Refrigerator is the perfect compact refrigerator for backyard, patio entertaining and pool parties.

7. Beer Tap Refrigerator

Designed with special people in mind, the kind who like to pour beer on their cornflakes or drink their coffee with beer and two sugars, there’s designated space for two five-liter kegs.

8. Drawer Refrigerator

Norcool fridge lets you organize and cool your food inside drawers.

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