TOP7 The most innovative new traffic lights

The busy pace of modern life tend to ignore some of the details around the following ideas from around the world of traffic lights.

1. Projected Traffic Light

Virtual Wall is an innovative device that makes it safer for pedestrians to cross the road by projecting laser images when the red traffic light is on.

Designed by Hanyoung Lee, the goal is to heighten driver and pedestrian awareness and to encourage both to follow the crosswalk rules.

2. Droplet Traffic Light

Solar powered traffic light design features screens that display useful information like current weather and news.

3. LED Traffic Lights

The sign may have autonomous power supply in order to save electricity by batteries stored in solar energy.

At sections of roads with low traffic the sign can be equipped the sensor, which could switch on a sign for road users in advance. This could also help to save energy and prolong due date.

4. Mobius strip Traffic Lights

To reduce clutter and visual distraction on the streets, Mobius Strip Lamp combines traffic lights and a street lamp.

5. Hourglass Traffic Light

Sand Glass concept illustrates the remaining time before the light changes by showing dropping pixels like a real hourglass.

6. UniSignal Traffic Light

That we have been using round traffic lights for ages now, with only the red-amber-green-colors for aid. How about prepping the system and broadening the spectrum of usage (by colorblind people) and change the shape of the lights!

7. Countdown Traffic Light

Innovative traffic light design features a countdown timer that displays how much time is left before the light changes.

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