TOP12 most unusual tree house ideas

Do not know the first think of his house in the trees Who, have to say this is a cool idea. Look at them from around the world cool tree house.

1. Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

This unusual restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand was designed by Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlett from Pacific Environments Architects. The restaurant operated from December 2008 to February 2009 as part of a Yellow advertising campaign.

At the conclusion of the campaign, ownership of the Treehouse passed to the landowner.

The Treehouse seats 30 guests or can accommodate 50 guests standing for less formal gatherings.

2. Lifepod Tree House

Kyu Che hopes to create a fully functioning high tech mini capsule for modern living with his ongoing Lifepod project.

3. Baumraum Tree House

This unique tree house is located on a very beautiful, park-like property close to Osnabrück, North-West Germany.

4. O2 Tree Houses

Dustin Feider and his company, O2 Treehouse, promote environmentally friendly tree houses that are built from 100% recycled or recyclable materials from sustainable sources.

5. Tree House Hotel

Eco-friendly jungle getaway located in the heart of Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Get ready for wonderful and amazing experiences.

6. Jungle Hotel in Mexico

V-Houses, an amazing jungle retreat near the fishing village of Yelapa in tropical Mexico.

7. Free Spirit Spheres

Built on vision and engineering these handcrafted spheres are suspended like pendants from a web of rope. They occupy a truly unique place in the world while providing a habitat for the un-tamed spirit that exists in us all.

8. 4Treehouse

Posing as a Japanese lantern on stilts, this beautiful tree house by Lukasz Kos is located within the trees of Lake Muskoka in Canada.

9. Harads Tree Hotel

Tree hotel concept by Swedish architects Tham and Videgard Hansson. The mirrored surfaces blends this cool design into the environment. The tree hotel with a small kitchen, terrace, living area and sleeping area is good enough to spend a small, or even an extended vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of crowded city life.

10. Cabin Tree House

Located in the World of Living park near Strasbourg, Germany. The tree house cabin is propped up by seven asymmetric larch-supports.

11. Beach Rock Tree House

Located in Okinawa, Japan, this cool tree house by Kobayahsi Takashi was constructed with the purpose of communicating with outer space.

12. Okinawa Tree House Restaurant

The Naha Harbor Diner in Okinawa, Japan lies at the very top of a huge Gajumaru tree about 20 feet above the ground. Sadly, that is not a real Gajumaru tree, it is actually concrete.

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