TOP20 Not the same as the crazy T-shirt

Not the same T shirt to show your unique personality and taste, From around the world to see the creative T-shirt.

1. Bikini T-Shirt

Sometimes a girl wants to show a little cleavage. Sometimes a girl has little or no cleavage to show. Problem solved: with this T-shirt for the T-challenged. Unique t-shirt design for the summer from Japan.

Six Pack Abs T-Shirt

2. Geek Hand Sign T-Shirt

We all have seen the gangster hand signs thrown to show gang allegiance, but have you seen the geek equivalent? This is one for the web developers and coders out there – the < head > tag.

3. Chalkboard T-Shirt

Express Yourself! Write, draw, erase, and repeat… Not prevent the child’s imagination.

4. Venetian Blind T-Shirt

The string is not a print, but a real string, which you can pull to open the blinds, Suitable to spend the hot summer.

5. Resident Evil Zombie T-Shirt

Awesome t-shirt from Capcom that can turn you into a zombie. It will scare anyone wearing.

6. Hangover Baby T-Shirt

Baby Carlos from the movie Hangover is now on a t-shirt.

7. Animated Pong T-Shirt

Simply pop two AAA batteries into the concealed pack, push a button and voila! Cool animated glowing retro gaming on your chest.

8. Intern T-Shirt

These creative t-shirts were given out to new interns at the JWT New York advertising agency. They look great with Humor jeans.

9. Philips LED T-Shirts

Developed by Philips, Lumalive integrates a flexible array of multicolor LEDs into a piece of cloth, which allows the cloth to display graphics, text, and animation.

10. Zoo Safari T-Shirts

Creative t shirts were designed to promote Zoo Safari in Brazil. “Zoo Safari: You’ve never been so close to a lion/tiger”.

11. FedEx T-Shirt

This shirt, created for a FedEx campaign, makes it look like the wearer is carrying a FedEx envelope around. It actually reminds me of the vintage Nike t-shirt that looked like you had a pair of Air Jordans slung over your shoulder.

12. Invisible T-Shirt

This is what would happen if you use the Photoshop eraser tool on yourself! Designed by Reece Ward.

13. Marshall Music T-Shirts

Music Connection was re-branded as Marshall Music and personalized gifts were designed to communicate the name change to the market, but due to their popularity, the tees are now for sale in the store.

14. Skin T-Shirt

15.  H4H Hair Formula: T-shirt

Clever t-shirt was used to market hair growth products in Singapore.

16. Apartment Building T-Shirt

Unusual apartment building t-shirt designed by SQY-T.

17. Gun T-shirt

You can carry a gun, but it’s preferable to wear one.

18. Batman Full Zip-Up Hoodie

Not exactly a t-shirt, but we had to feature it anyway because its just so unique. This Batman hoodie is a full blown image of Batman screen printed on a full zip-up black hoodie. Check out the eye holes. It’s a type of mesh that you can see through while still keeping others from seeing you.

19. PowerHouse Healthclub T-Shirt

This is a satire of the need to work out. An inlet-outlet rubber is attached to the t-shirt, the guy is giving an impression of an air balloon and powerhouse is the ultimate destination to let the air out.

20. Rita T-Shirts

Carry less. These T-shirts are printed with every day items and accessories, the way they’re worn. “Beverly Hills 1980s-style” series includes a classic Walkman, roller skates, Ray-Ban shades and luckily a gun holster.

Walkman T-Shirt

Gun Holster T-Shirt

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