TOP16 Uniquely creative design umbrella

Rainy day umbrella that everyone should know, a unique umbrella design which may be in bad weather can bring your good mood with a variety of personal taste.

1. Samurai Sword Umbrella

Glide it out of its nylon sheath. Hold it by its space-age plastic handle. Feel the balance. This is the umbrella you never knew you always wanted. Really cool umbrella with the handle of a samurai sword.

2. Cloud Umbrella

The goal of this concept umbrella is to spread Happiness during gloomy weather.

3. LED Umbrella

With a push of a button, the shaft lights up, illuminating you and your path. Blade Runner inspired umbrella available in black with white LED’s, and red with red LED’s from ThinkGeek.

4. Standing Umbrella

The Stand Umbrella is a simple idea—an umbrella that stands up by itself. Come in from the rain, and you can stand it up in the corner, where it will dry off and be out of the way.

5. SENZ Umbrella

Due to its smart design, the SENZ umbrella effortlessly slices through the wind, from a summer breeze to a heavy storm. Due to its smart design, the senz° original umbrella will not invert, and is windproof up to wind force 10!

6. Shoulder Umbrella

Shoulderbrella is a flexible accessory that wraps around your body to hold your umbrella for you while leaving your hands free to do other things.

7. Umbrella Stool

The Umbrella Stool(KRW 59,000; about $56.5) designed for that you can use this umbrella as a stool in the sun day.

8. Nubrella

Nubrella protects you against rain, wind, sleet, snow and extreme cold. It is an umbrella for all inclement weather conditions not just rain.

9. Golf Club Umbrella

This quirky umbrella was inspired by designer Sebastian Errazuriz’s rainy day golf outings.

10. Pet Umbrella

Keeps your pet dry and comfortable in rain, sleet or snow.

11. Handbag Umbrella

Inside Out umbrella by Seung Hee Son folds into a small handbag.

12.Cumulous Light Canopy by Steven Haulenbeek

Beautiful lighting concept by Steven Haulenbeek utilizes photographer’s translucent shoot-through umbrellas as modular components to create a scalable light canopy. The accumulation of these umbrellas, hung upside down, creates a cloud form.

13.Abri N°177 by OzCollective

Beautiful art installation by OzCollective is made from umbrellas connected with cables and is big enough for a person to fit inside.

14. Bloom by Sam Spenser

Creative art installation created by a college student. Umbrellas look like they were blown out of their owners’ hands into a tree.

15. Umbrella Installation by Ingo Maurer

Beautiful installation at the entrance to the design week in Milan.

16. “Rain” Umbrella Art Installation

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