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Top 5 World mysteries

Pyramid mystery

Pyramid mystery

Miraculous properties: Pyramid has a special property to deflect any type of cosmic radiations that falls on its apex downwards through its base line at the bottom where this deflected cosmic radiation, with the help of magnetic field of Earth’s Gravitatio

The heritage of Pyramids, which are attracting people as wonderful things happen in and around them. Investigators have discovered the Pyramid shapes conjures the object and change natural laws, bringing sensational and unexplainable happenings.

The great Pyramids of Egypt known since five thousand years are one of the seventh wonders of the world. The study of Pyramids can be regarded as a “multi-disciplinary marvel.” In other words a Pyramid could have be studied from several angles, namely Sci

Until today Pyramid was known as a place of interest, but now it is realized, that Pyramid has multi – dimensional use. The construction of Pyramid is the unique feature. The Pyramids of Gizha are situated in 13 acres, 26 lack cubes has been used to constr

Also support the pyramid can be an effective theory of wound healing:

Although no guarantees can be given that a pyramid can heal anyone, it does seem to have helped many people throughout the ages. It is also known to keep food fresh longer, energise water – seems to mummify food/water to keep them fresh. It also can prolong the life of new razor blades – the pyramid seems to remove the fine particulars of water that is left on the blades after shaving to keep them sharper longer. We have also found that ailing plants often to come to life, while cats and dogs love to sit and sleep in pyramids. In ancient times sick people would often sleep overnight in pyramids as part of their healing process.

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